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Discover the unicorn dress on our online store specialized in the unicorn theme and especially in dresses for girls and toddlers. Do you like them in a tutu or long? For a birthday party or Halloween with this fancy costume? In rainbow or pink? You have a wide magical choice of unicorn dresses on our online store.


What is a unicorn dress ?

The unicorn dress has other names such as gown or frock. Very appreciated by the little girls and by womentoddler or baby it is an item of clothing which is traditionally worn by the female population. Cute styles of dresses are available on our online store, such as tutuskirt or with a bodice attached or princess style. If you want to give a one-piece garment to your unicorn dress, you should opt for a matching corsage to provide you with a better effect. Our fabled horse dress is mainly composed of a top piece that will cover your torso or chest while stopping on your beautiful unicorn legs to give you a fairy look. You want to go to a party or any other event? Opt for a casual or formal mythical horned creature dress. Our dresses are made of a single piece that contains the skirt of any length. We also offer unicorn dresses with straps or sleeves, and if this does not suit you, we have others that can be held by an elastic band around your chest while leaving a charm to your shoulders by leaving them bare. The colour of our unicorn dresses varies in several tones of very elegant, fairy and kawaii colours like pastel, blue, rainbow or pink and purple. The hemlines of the one-horned animal dress can vary according to your taste, fashion or the weather, the type of events or your modesty.

Unicorn birthday dress Adult Princess

A unicorn dress to party with your friends !

unicorn dress is an outer garment often composed of several styles of confection according to the tastes, with a bodice, a skirt can be made with one or also several magic glitter pieces of a white horse-like animal coming from their fairy kingdom. The unicorn dress is often used as ceremonial or leisurewear by women and girls as formal wear. Most of the formal dress codes used to focus on a completely different style of dress because our unicorn dresses did not exist. An appropriate dress style was mandatory for little girls and ladies. Usually, the basic dress is designed with dark colours and accompanied by a simple enough design so that the women can wear it with various accessories to make herself beautiful. At the sight of different festive or ceremonial occasions like a wedding or get dressed up for a birthday party.

unicorn tutu dress toddler

A unicorn tutu dress to be cute and kawaii

Long ago, the unicorn tutu dress was considered and used as a show costume. Whatever the occasion, whether it is for classical ballet, it has a bodice attached to give magical shows. The unicorn tutu dress can be made with different materials such as nylon, gauze, tulle, silk, muslin or tarlatan. On our online store in the mythical one-horned creature theme, we offer two basic types for your horned animal tutu dress: the classic tutu which is short and rigid and which goes beyond your hip and waist to give you a fairy-tale look. Or the romantic tutu which is bell-shaped while reaching your ankle or calf. Both are made of a very soft and light material. You can find our symbol of grace dresses on our online store in several sizes such as Plus Size or other styles such as a mermaid unicorn dress.

The Best Unicorn Dress For Girls

The Best Unicorn Dress For Girls

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Our Top 10 Best Unicorn Dress

Our Top 10 Best Unicorn Dress

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